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Simple Quality Assurance for Codes

Simple Quality Assurance for Codes

It is crucial that the right marking is applied to the right product or packaging in the right location. This minimizes the risk of costly product recalls while lowering costs arising from production re-runs.

Wolke's expertise is not limited to printing codes, it also covers the integration of systems for backing up print data and optimizing administration.

The Importance of Marking Accuracy

The first step, the implementation of a Wolke solution for marking quality assurance purposes, offers the following decisive advantages:

  • Reduction in marking-related waste and associated costs
  • Lower costs for the replacement of recalled/rejected products
  • Lower business losses due to the dispatch of defective products
  • Protection of brand image by limiting recalls
  • Meet accuracy and product traceability requirements of retail and regulatory guidelines

Take a look at the m600 thermal ink jet printers for all industrial marking tasks: Product overview

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