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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Print Quality

What do we have to do to be sure that our folding boxes are suitable for printing?

If the surface of your boxes has a paint finish, do not apply paint and color to the area you wish to print onto during the product marking process downstream.

What grading can be expected when verifying your printed product markings?

In ideal boundary conditions (installation position, output, folding box material, etc.) a grading of “C” or better can be achieved.

Do the print markings dry quickly enough without smudging?

This depends on the speed of the machine and the surface of the material. The process must make provision for a minimum drying time of 0.3 seconds after printing. It is also for this reason that it is so important to ensure that the material used for folding boxes is of the best possible quality.

Are your printed product markings resistant to light?

Resistance to light is dependent upon box material and ink type. Our Premium Black and Universal Black inks have been certified as highly resistant to light (a score of 6 = very good).

Your printed product markings appear to be dark gray. Why are you not able to print in a shade closer to black?

Increased pigment content in ink will prolong drying times. A grading of “C” can be achieved if the product markings are not printed in deep black.

m600 Coding System

How is the printing process initiated and how is the printing speed synchronized with the speed of the machine?

Printing is initiated primarily with a photo eye/light barrier. An encoder is installed to synchronize the printing speed. We can recommend the best place to install the encoder.

Does my machine have to run at a slower speed with your printer installed? Can I print up to 400 (for example) boxes per minute?

Our printer is fast enough to achieve throughput rates as high as the example you give.


Where is your device installed in the cartoner?

This depends on how your cartoner operates. Box tabs are usually printed before being inserted into the main body of the box.

Who installs the printing equipment? Is it our responsibility, your responsibility, or the responsibility of the cartoner manufacturer?

The printing equipment is very often installed by either the machine manufacturer/system integrator or the customer.

There may be only a restricted amount of space in which the printhead can be installed.

Wolke is able to supply printhead models in various shapes and sizes for virtually all installation conditions.

How much distance is permitted between printhead and folding box?

< 3 mm or as close as possible to the product

OEM Partner

Seidenader, PCE, Systech, Optel Vision, and SeaVision are just some of the well-known system integrators. Are these companies familiar with your printing equipment?

Yes. Wolke has been working in partnership with these system integrators for many years and provides training and system updates to ensure that their knowledge is always kept up to date.

We use cameras from Cognex, Laetus, etc. in-house. Do you work with these providers?

Yes, these camera manufacturers are also among our system integrators.


Are your devices already being used on cartoners by Bosch, Uhlmann, IWKA, Marchesini, etc?

Yes. Wolke works in partnership with all well-known manufacturers of cartoning and labeling systems the world over.

PPN Code

Just what is the PPN code?

The PPN code is the new pharmaceutical identification code for packages containing medicines and other pharmaceutical products. The PPN code is contained within the DataMatrix code.

What is purpose of the PPN code?

The PPN code counteracts the falsification of medicines. It provides the basis for verification procedures and international product marking.

What does the PPN code do?

The PPN code provides all necessary characteristics for real-time authentication of compliance with the EU Directive. It is used to mark every package with an international product number and the corresponding serial number.

Can all packages bearing a PCN code simply adopt the PPN code?

Yes. The PPN code can be used on packages bearing a PCN code.

Just what is the pharmacy product number (PPN)?

The PPN is an international product number for identifying medicines. The PPN consists of the eight-digit PCN prefixed with a product registration agency code and suffixed with a computer-calculated check digit.


Does your printer conform to CFR 21 Part 11?

Our printer is not required to conform to CFR 21 Part 11. When installed, it becomes a subordinate part of a machine system whose conformance to CFR 21 Part 11 must be certified.

We expect that the serialization of medicines will soon be a legal requirement for us. Does your printer support this?

Yes. Our m600 advanced printer has been compliant with the associated requirements for several years.

Where are your printers used for serialization?

In Turkey, for example, where hundreds of m600 advanced printers have been in use since 2010.

Is the serial data sent from a database to your printer?

No, not directly. The m600 advanced receives the data to be printed from a superordinate camera system. The camera system checks the boxes for correctness after printing and then compares its readings with the content of the database.


We expect the functionality of the printer to be documented with IQ/OQ. Do you do this?

We will happily assist you in these qualification endeavors by providing the corresponding documentation.

How quickly can you provide service if a printer is faulty?

We have a global service network facilitated by our sister company at our disposal which is able to provide a rapid response to your requirements.

What guarantee do you provide?

5 years for the m600 advanced printer and 2 years for the m600 basic.

The movement of the boxes generates dust inside the cartoner. Is this a problem for your printer?

Box dust in the machine can settle on the nozzle plate and impair print quality. The machine then has to be stopped so that the nozzle plate can be cleaned. We recommend investigating preventive measures: 1) Integration of a dust extractor

You say that the printer is maintenance-free. What does this mean?

The printing system itself (control unit and printhead) requires no care or maintenance. The only “wear part” is the ink cartridge. Once its ink content has been consumed, the cartridge must be replaced with a new one. The printing technology inside the cartridge is renewed every time it is replaced.

Thermal Ink Jet

What are the advantages of thermal ink jet?

Thermal ink jet can be relied upon for short drying times and high print quality.

What are the features of the HP-TJI_2.5 cartridge?

The cartridge has 300 nozzles and is 12.7 mm tall. It is capable of a speed of up to 300 m/min. The nozzle rows are fully renewed every time the cartridge is changed, thereby ensuring optimum print quality.

How does TIJ work?

Thermal ink jet cartridges feature minute heated chambers. When these chambers heat up, a steam bubble is generated. The steam bubble pushes the ink out of the nozzle.

Is your TIJ technology more suitable than CIJ or lasers?

This depends on prevailing requirements. CIJ and lasers are suitable for marking absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces; as such, they are very versatile. However, if 2D codes need to be printed as well as text, these technologies are not always able to deliver the required performance.

Ink cartridges

We have to print a variety of data onto a number of different products. Which material is the Wolke printer suitable for?

The Wolke m600 uses Hewlett Packard printing technology with water-based inks. It can thus be used for printing onto absorbent materials (paper, box materials, or folding boxes with surfaces that are not paint-finished).

What is the printing capacity of a single ink cartridge?

A new cartridge contains at least 42 ml of ink (standard ink content is between 42 and 50 ml). A 2D code with 4 additional lines of text (52 characters, 300x300 dpi, see sample), for example, can be printed approx. 119,000 times with a single cartridge.

Why should I buy cartridges from you when I can get them elsewhere for 10 euro?

A cartridge on offer at this price or in this low price range is most probably a used cartridge that has been refilled. Please note: 1) It is not possible to tell how many times a refill cartridge has already been refilled and how much mechanical service life it has remaining. Unnecessary, since avoidable machine stops may result and high costs can be incurred. 2) Our Premium Black and Universal Black ink types benefit from certified liability, drying behavior, resistance to light, and other important functional features. Refill inks are not suitable for your requirements!

Does the printer output a warning before the cartridge runs empty?

Yes. When this message appears, there is still enough ink remaining for the cartridge to be changed the next time the machine is scheduled to stop.


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