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Simply Accessorize:

Original Accessories From Wolke

Simply Accessorize:

Original Accessories From Wolke

With original accessories for Wolke marking systems, you will strike home every time: Perfectly matched, these accessories are quick, easy, and inexpensive to install. Here you find a selection of possibilities:

Bracket kits for m610 printheads:
It takes just a few manual steps to install your printheads with these durable bracket kits. Two bracket kits (including connectors and quick releases) are available:

  • Stainless steel circular tube bracket kit for single-head units
  • Aluminum rectangular bracket kit for units with up to four heads

Adjustment unit:
Speeds up precision adjustment of printheads on units with 2 through 4 heads considerably, allowing your print image to really shine.

Never be troubled by uneven print surfaces and variations in product infeed again! The parallelogram perfectly compensates any undesirable movement and can be relied upon to deliver consistently high print image quality.
Simply set up: Settings can be made either from above or from the side. The optional variable spring stiffnesses are of course also available from Wolke. To minimize material consumption in distance adjustment, use the separate positioning wheel, which is also available from our accessories range.

Optimize printer and print process for different production speeds. Various metering wheels adapt to the surface of your conveyor belt.
The bracket takes just a few manual steps to install, and the spring mechanism ensures a flat and even lie on the belt.

Indicator lamp:
The LED lamp signals easy-to-read error, warning, and alarm messages on the printer system. As the light signals are clearly visible from far away, you can respond quickly to the information they provide and stop production at the right stage of the process

For more information and the availability of items for your system, please contact your local sales rep.

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