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About to Run Aground?

Not With 2D DataMatrix Codes!

About to Run Aground?

Not With 2D DataMatrix Codes!

Thanks to a huge potential of up to 3,000 characters, 2D barcodes always have enough water under the keel.

With the m600 marking system from Wolke, you can make full use of the possible number of characters. You can also print 2D DataMatrix codes in brilliant resolution.

Benefit from these advantages of 2D DataMatrix codes:

  • Adaptable data capacity: A code can contain comprehensive information yet remain relatively small. The size of a 2D barcode adapts to its data scope
  • Flexible content: Include virtually any information you wish, even special characters and binary or encrypted content
  • High data redundancy
  • Any orientation: Orientation or rotation do not matter. The code is always read intact
  • Automatic identification: There are no restrictions on the individual items of information that can be integrated into and read out from a 2D code

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